Submit dataset to NMR-DB repository: guidelines

The form allows uploading a benchmark dataset to NMR-DB. In principle, the uploaded dataset should contain all NMR spectra and data annotations that were used to solve a protein structure (ideally with resulting *.pdb model of the protein). To make a dataset available for computational NMR spectroscopy, we collect the following information/data:
  • Protein name (obligatory)
  • PDB code
  • Data: all data files compressed to single *.zip archive. We do not require any specific format for NMR data and annotations. However the uploaded *.zip archive should contain all analysis and measurements required to solve the protein structure (e.g. if time-domain signals are uploaded, they need to be accompanied with processing scripts). The most valuable data/annotations are listed in section "Upload content declaration".
  • Upload content declaration: the section allows to declare the content of *.zip archive. Uploaded data may contain additional files that are not listed in "content declaration". Similarly, the uploaded data do not need to contain all files listed in "content declaration". Nevertheless, the most valuable datasets have nearly all elements listed in the section.
  • Reference publication: once the reference to the research paper is provided, it can be cited by the users of NMR-DB.
  • Additional comments: space to share additional comments regarding uploaded dataset

Submit dataset to NMR-DB repository: online form

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